Important information

About road traffic in Paraguay

Legal requirements

Our rental cars are fully equipped


  • 2 Warning triangles
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Jumper cable
  • Towrope
  • First aid kit
  • Fully functional spare wheel
  • Prepaid cell phone for navigation, telephone and internet

Important traffic rules:

  • Paraguay has a 0.0 ‰ alcohol limit
  • Seat belts are compulsory
  • Lights must be switched on on the Ruta (automatic lights available)
  • Turn on hazard lights when parking
  • Maximum speed on Ruta 110 Km/h
  • Crossing the border with a rented vehicle is generally prohibited. Exception: Possible after prior consultation and approval by MfG Rent.
Important notes

Particularities on Paraguay's roads

Please note:

  • Pass speed bumps, water channels and broken pavement with caution
  • Police will want to see the following during inspections: Cedula Verde, tax confirmation, (all present in the car) and international driver’s license.n
  • In case of an injured person on the road without participation, drive 200 m further and notify the police from there.
  • In the roundabout and also otherwise the lane is changed frequently without indicating in advance
  • In the dark, there are many unlit vehicles on the road, especially motorcycles
  • Motorcycles often overtake on both the right and left of the vehicle
  • You have to expect animals on and near the road
  • There is no compulsory insurance in Paraguay (please drive defensively)
  • Do not leave valuables in the car
  • Avoid driving at night, the lights of oncoming vehicles are often not adjusted or with strong blinding LED lights
  • If there is mud on the windshield, do not operate the windshield wiper, instead rinse off the mud with plenty of water, otherwise the windshield will be scratched

Have ready at every ride

Carry the following documents with you at all times:

  • Domestic driving license
  • International driving license
  • Passport
  • Or: Paraguayan driver’s license and cedula

Important information for your reservation

How to make a reservation for your rental car:

  • A reservation is always confirmed and valid after the receipt of payment of 30% of the total amount
  • Reservations can be made via e-mail, Facebook page or WhatsApp, in all cases you will receive a message as confirmation
  • For reservations for several months we will make you an individual offer
Accident measures

Behavior in the event of an accident

Carry out the following actions:

  • In case of accident with injured persons, call ambulance
  • Inform the police
  • Inform MfG Rent EAS
  • Take photos of all vehicles
  • Of the other party in the accident: take photos of cedula verde, driver’s license, tax confirmation and identification (cedula/passport)
  • Note down the name of the police officer and the police station
  • In case of theft, inform MfG Rent EAS immediately